Self-Love Ritual

About the self-love ritual


Treat yourself with a unique body painting experience

Honor your body with loving attention, beauty and respect Experience your inner and outer beauty through body adornment The ritual can be in honor to a certain experience you have had or to honor certain organs or body parts. The purpose of this day is to experience your inner and outer beauty while connecting to your intention.

I am also offering this ritual to pregnant woman, to adore the body,  and to receive a beautiful artwork on the belly. We make this day into a celebration for stepping into motherhood and we honor the soul that is coming in.

Here is how the day would look like…

The day will be initiated by feeling into what you would like to achieve by setting your intention and creating a personal altar. I will then open the ritual space by smudging with Kopal or Sage and give you a sound healing with my N’goni (African harp) voice & drum. This will help you for being in full relaxation.

Thereafter you will receive a 4,5 hour bodypaint session with one hour break in between. During the body paint session you can lay on the massage table most of the time while in connection with your intention. I will use soft sponges and brushes which are comfortable for your skin. I will give extra detail to the organs or body parts you would like to honor and give special attention to. After the body paint session we will do a photoshoot.  Afterwards you will receive the best photos of the shoot.

The schedule in short: Acquaintance, Connecting with your intention, Make a personal altar, Draw card, Smudging, Sound healing, Lunch break, Body painting in connection to your intention, Photoshoot

The full day is 8 hours (4,5 hour body-painting)  €222,-

Pregnant woman Total duration 5 hours  (belly only, 2/3 hour body-painting)   €188,-

Required for the day:

Your intention

Personal items for the altar


skin-colored thong or underpants

Review Øyvind:

I was so blessed to do this beautiful self-love ritual with Helena Arturaleza. I really loved it, we set a beautiful intention for my heart, to keep on following my heart, and to open it for even more Magic and now I am the owner of my dream house, and yes it has a heart window in the door; do I have to say anything more about the power of this beautiful day? Yes I will do, because there was so much magic in the air that day. First I felt like in heaven when this beautiful goddess painted my body, she even blessed me with song, and music to make me feel even more in paradise. Yes that is what it feels like, a day in heaven. Then we biked to a beautiful place in nature. I always connect with the spirit of the forest and the animals, like you see on the pictures; I got surrounded of beautiful wild living Horses, they blessed me with so much love. So guys, this I can highly recommend to everyone, it is a life changer for sure.

Review Dewi:

During the Self Love Ritual with Helena, I felt humble and at home. Helena created a safe space where I could be myself and everything I felt and said was welcome. She reallly took the time to listen to me and helped me find my words to tell what I wanted to let go of and what I’d like to welcome into this moment of my life. When she played her instruments and sang with her beautiful voice, I completely relaxed. The belly painting part was fun, with a lot of time to both chat and be quiet, to experience how the baby was responding,  thought I would feel uncomfortable during the photoshoot, but the whole day gave me so much power and self love, and Helena guided me into different positions, which made it into a beautiful and fun experience. Even my partner, daughter and mother were invited to join on the photo’s, which made it even more special.
Dear Helena, I’m so grateful for this day, which brought me even deeper into my pregnancy and let me embrace all the different feelings during this precious time. Thank you!

Review Niels:

I did a self-love ritual with Helena. It was an incredibly special experience for me. I was received in a beautiful place. After a nice introduction, setting my intention for the ritual and having drawn a card, I was allowed to take a seat on the table next to the altar. Here I could surrender to the beautiful sounds of the sound journey. I relaxed into my body wonderfully. When the body painting started, I felt carried by her loving presence of softness. It moved me how Helena made a beautiful work of art of my body with full dedication. And how she emphasized that my body has always been a work of art. A work of art created by nature. Sometimes even tears came during body painting, partly because of the realization how long I struggled with my body. I felt free to give space to this vulnerability. After the body painting a photo shoot followed, which I really enjoyed. It is wonderful to also immortalize this memory on image. In the meantime I have ordered some photos for on a wall, so that I will be reminded daily to this special experience. Helena, thank you so much for this life changing experience!

Review Jaap:

I simply can’t review the self love ritual without mentioning the magical way in which I stumbled upon it. Helena and I met at a birthday party, where upon conversations we had about my recent amputation and our shared love for the arts, she told me about the self love ritual. In fact, like a true worker of spirit she offered it to me, she opened a door, very widely and with love, and I stepped through.

The ritual and the way it was set up felt informal, which helped create an air of relaxation, where I felt comfortable to be completely myself. It helped that I felt a strong connection to miss Arturaleza, and felt that our souls were familiar. First I was allowed time to settle in the garden house, to eat, and to warm up the room. Then we took the time to speak about my intention. Meanwhile, Louie, Helena’s sweet frankfurter dog filled the room with bounding joyful energy. During the whole ritual he was a very good doggy. Helena and I talked for an hour about my intention. It felt nice, and un-rushed. She was really taking the time to hear about my situation, and to get to know me. She listened to where I was, where I wanted to go, and also pitched in with her own view and wisdom, without pressuring them unto me. She carries herself with an impressive confidence, which instills a trust that is needed for a ritual like this. After deciding on my intentions, and writing them down, it was time for me to build an altar with the things that I’d brought. We then also drew oracle cards, from a beautiful deck with native American wisdom. These cards proved during and after to be extremely on point, even containing literal phrases from my intention, spirit was clearly with this ritual.

It was now time for me to lay on the massage table, while Helena prepared her workspace. It was nice that we could decide on colours to use together, while it was also clear that Helena would follow her vision, inspiration, and enthusiasm. Once the colours were decided, Helena proceeded with her sound healing. As I lay there, rather relaxed upon the table, listening to the soothing sounds of the Ngoni, my unconscious mind purged itself of the anxious and contracted thoughts that had been plaguing me. As Helena sounded her voice, while placing her hands on different parts of my body, I could feel the energy coursing and surging, while also feeling myself slipping in and out of consciousness, as dreamlike processing of thoughts took place.

After the sound healing, the long process of painting my body began, accompanied by pleasant prerecorded music. We decided together on what kind of music would best suit both of us, but I left it mostly up to Helena and was not disappointed. As I lay very relaxed on the comfortable massage table, in a room nicely warmed by the wood-stove, I felt brushes caress me, and sponges tickle me. I let it happen, all the while imagining in my mind what colours and shapes were forming on my skin into an impressive artwork. Every so often we took a break, and I would feed back to Helena how I thought it was developing. As an artist myself, it was a challenge not to get too involved and opinionated about how it should end up, but I enjoyed this exercise in surrender. Above all I fully trusted Helena’s vision.

It was a real pleasure to lay there for hours, totally relaxed, as I was stroked by soft brushes and sometimes took a peek at Helena’s laserfocus. The painting took quite a bit longer than we’d expected, and when the sun started showing signs that it was on its way out Helena promptly and decisively made an end to the painting process and deemed it finished. I was dressed in a lovely robe and nightgown (since I forgot to bring my own), and we drove to a nearby patch of forest where the golden rays were announcing that the perfect moment for pictures and long shadows had come. There was a bit of a struggle as Helena still had to figure out the settings on her camera, which caused us to lose some nice compositions to overexposure. I myself was also pretty exposed, but wanted nothing more than to celebrate the artwork that Helena had turned me into.

Once Helena had figured out how to work the camera with the light situation we really got into a flow, and made some beautiful pictures. I’ll be honest to say that with the cold and my handicap it wasn’t exactly a comfortable process to take these pictures, but the results were well worth it.

What I really enjoyed about the ritual was how personal it felt, and how close I felt that Helena and I were as creator and canvas. There was nothing but realness and honesty between us, space for everything to come up, and for the artistic process to be observed and discussed as it was happening. The self love ritual is truly one one co-creation, and it is a wonderful gift from Helena Arturaleza to the world. She has a talent that can help you to love and honour your body.

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