Self-Love Ritual

About the self-love ritual

This will be a day to honor your body with loving attention, beauty and respect. The purpose of this day is to experience your inner and outer beauty while connecting to your intention.

The ritual can be in honor to a certain experience you have had or to honor and give love to certain organs or body parts. 

I am also offering this ritual to pregnant woman, to adore the body,  and to receive a beautiful artwork on the belly. We make this day into a celebration for stepping into motherhood and we honor the soul that is coming in.

Here is how the day would look like…

The day will be initiated by feeling into what you would like to achieve by setting your intention and creating a personal altar. I will then open the ritual space by smudging with Kopal or Sage and give you a sound healing with my N’goni (African harp) voice & drum. This will help you for being in full relaxation.

Thereafter you will receive a 4 hour bodypaint session with one hour break in between. During the body paint session you can lay on the massage table most of the time while in connection with your intention. I will use soft sponges and brushes which are comfortable for your skin. I will give extra detail to the organs or body parts you would like to honor and give special attention to.After the body paint session we will do a photoshoot.  Afterwards you will receive the best photos of the shoot.

The schedule in short: Acquaintance, Connecting with your intention, Make a personal altar, Draw card, Smudging, Sound healing, Lunch break, Body painting in connection to your intention, Photoshoot

The full day is 8 hours (4 hour body-painting)  costs €222,-

The full day without sound healing (4 hour body-painting)  costs €200,-

Pregnant woman costs (belly only, 2 hour body-painting)  costs €177,-

Pregnant woman costs without sound healing (belly only, 2 hour body-painting) €150,-


Required for the day:

Your intention

Personal items for the altar


skin-colored thong or underpants

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