Music keeps our souls alive; connecting to sound is one of the most essential ingredients of life. It is a way to express our culture and who we are.

Since my childhood I have been influenced by music. Our house was always full of music, my father played the guitar & my mother the djembe, I grew up with world music from all nations. They stimulated me to make music, in my adolescent years I played cello in a local youth orchestra. Beginning twenties I longed for something more free and improvisational. I discovered the instrument N’goni (African harp with 12 strings from Mali). I immediately felt a connection with this instrument and found it was the perfect instrument to support my voice. The N’goni helped me explore my voice over the past years. Most of my music is improvised in the moment, connecting from heart to heart and from soul to soul. I sing with high and low tones, often without lyrics and with tribal influences.

I see music as the link between dance and vision, through movement I am able to connect and receive the vision. But it is only because of the music I can dance. Listening to music while I paint is of great importance. It helps me to be in the now, to connect to spirit and to let the inspiration flow freely.

Videos will follow soon.


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