Visionary art is bringing a deeper understanding of life communicated through images.

It is the divine knowledge and inspiration that travels through artists who are receptive to communicate and translate these images to the world.
Visionary art communicates life: Light & Dark, high & low, wisdom & destruction.
It has the purpose to let the viewer look within, to let him or her remember who we truly are.

My art reflects my insights of this earthly experience. I receive this inspiration by seeing images. I receive the visions for my paintings as if a seed is planted within me. The moment the inspiration is received the seed sprouts and finds its way up through the soil, this is when the inspiration is integrating within me. This can sometimes be a process of several months or years. When the vision is ready to be created the small plant grows above the soil and sees the sunlight for the first time.  Whilst painting the vision, the knowledge that the artwork is trying to communicate is integrating within myself and thereby also allowing myself to remember who I really am. Visionary art has for both the creator and viewer the same purpose, to let us remember and RE-unite.

Artwork by Alex Grey

Poets create poetry with words. Painters create poetry with images. With my art I want to achieve: poetry communicated through images. Images with a deep spiritual message about the understanding of life. ‘My life purpose is to master the art and to inspire others to connect to their own expression. I intend to touch people and make a change on this planet.
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