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About Helena Arturaleza Schotman

My heart goes wherever the inspiration flows.

My paintings are visions commissioned by the universe communicating universal truth & love & light.

Helena was born in 1992 just north of Amsterdam. Since childhood she loved to create and express herself through dance, poetry, music and painting. Her artistic journey started at age 19 when she was receiving her first commissions. With the world as her teacher she embraced life as a traveller, developed her own style and taught herself how to paint. After several years of life experience she studied with various artists at the Vienna Academy of Visionary art.

She has been actively working as a professional artist for 9 years and traveled all over the world; during these travels she has created many murals and has been live painting and exhibiting at events besides worldly influential artists.

Life, colour, nature and people inspire Helena’s work. Her work is characterized by spirituality also known as Visionary art. Visionary art inspires a worldwide movement, which brings a deeper understanding of life communicated through images. See: Vision

To integrate the accumulated impulses of life, it is essential for artists to keep creating.

In my view being a real artist means to pursue constant improvement. It is the collaboration between the artist and the unseen forces of inspiration that keep me motivated to improve each artwork, to keep creating, to never give up.

Nature is my inspiration. The name Arturaleza is merging Arte and Naturaleza (art and nature in Spanish). This is what I wish to live and represent. The harmony yet chaos in nature is a reflection of our human experience. Nature contains the formula of life itself.

Colours fascinate me; each colour carries a different vibration and they reflect my inner world. Colour is a way to express a feeling. The spectrum of colours is very influential in my art. ‘Painting is a way to communicate with my soul and true self’ and my soul is full of colours.

As a woman I am inspired to paint the divine feminine, symbolised by empowered women. As they represent reflections of my own life experience. These paintings have recently extended towards painting empowered humans from both sexes. I capture the motion and emotion the subject is expressing, through the body posture.

My paintings are like mirrors, reflecting insight & spiritual awakening. The visions are a reminder of how beautiful life actually is. I strive to capture the essence of nature and the essence of who we truly are. Showing mother earth in all forms, through the expressions of humanity interconnected with Nature.

Poets create poetry with words. Painters create poetry with images. With my art I want to achieve: poetry communicated through images. Images with a deep spiritual message about the understanding of life. My life purpose is to master the art and to inspire others to connect to their own expression. I intend to touch people and make a change on this planet.

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