Exhibition at Visionarium – Art Evolution Festival

17-19 May 2019
Visionarium- collective art project presents a ground where artists come to create, exhibit, teach and study together.
The concept is based on varied aspects of Visionary art. In our days the Visionary art can be represented in multiple directions such as Digital art, traditional painting on canvas, installations, sculptures, video, sound, VR worlds, and even holograms.
Our mission is to unite the most bright Visionary artists and to manifest this great movement, collaborate share the experience and reach higher levels in art development.

Exhibition at Ayahuasca world Conference

31-05 / 02-06 2019

AYA2019 will be more than a conference. It will be the largest event ever held about ayahuasca, one where our diverse community will come together to plant the seeds for a better future.

We invite you to join us in beautiful, historic Girona, Spain to celebrate the diversity of ayahuasca cultures, practices, art, film, and research.


Tribal Family Artistic Retreat

19/24 August 2019

Dear brothers and sisters, parents and kids! Let’s form a tribe and come with us in the summer to explore:

Pyramid energy, ancient places, wild nature,
intuitive art workshops, meditation,
voice healing workshops, inner journeys,
regression therapy sessions,
kids program, delicious food


Daniela Bohata – ReTreat design

Dymphi Peeters – Voice healing work

Helena Arturaleza – Art workshops

Rick Jansen – Regression therapy


Adults: €770,-
Kids 8-18 years: €550,-
Kids 3-7 years: €220,- (only if they share a bed with their parents)
Kids 0-3 years: free

Psy-fi Festival

28-08 / 01-09 2019

Exhibition and live art at Psy-fi festival

Leeuwarden The Netherlands

Exhibition Spiritual Centre Djoj

August till December 2019

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