Life is a dynamic dance of art.

The world is the canvas upon which I paint my dreams. I create from the heart.

For me, dance is a tool to integrate inspiration, to open up to the higher vibrations. I have experienced complete oneness in dance, something I’ve yet to experience in any other art form. To keep the dynamics of the dance between creation and integration going, movement is important. It is essential in order to allow the art to express freely through the body.

By becoming one with the natural forces that move trough the body, it becomes effortless to let the art flow naturally. With stagnated energy in the body it is difficult to enter the space where the art is being channelled. Being in harmony with body and mind will ensure that painting will happen faster, that there will be captured movement and flow, brushstrokes are guided and perfect.

Movement in general is giving me a lot of inspiration; it can be so relaxing to have a bike ride for 30 minutes trough Amsterdam. Often I receive a lot of ideas during these precious bike rides.

The Amsterdam dance community has so much to offer, it is bringing people together. Being an artist can, at times, be a lonely existence. That is why I love ecstatic dance, it connects me and integrates inspiration at the same time. (‘Ecstatic dance’ is an event where people regularly come together to experience a journey trough dance. In a space where we communicate without words, alcohol or even shoes. We talk with our eyes, our movements, our bodies and if one wants, our touch). I took the opportunity to develop my dance skills at ecstatic dance in the past years and there I learned how to dance with partners, which brought me personal growth and renewed inspiration.

The creative flow really increases in me while dancing to live music. To experience the talent and expression of other artists that are an inspiration to me opens a portal of inspiration and wisdom. It is in these moments where the forms of expression blend together, that a portal to the visionary realms opens. In these moments I fully experience the ecstasy of existence; as if the whole universe is revealing itself to and through me.


“nature, in her raw and untamable essence, will never be fully bridled and held. This is the dance of existence, a desperate longing of union and balance, the push and pull of chaos and order. It is the dance of the masculine and feminine within us all. ”

Autumn Skye Morrison

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