Canvas print blossoming 60 x 60 cm

Canvas print blossoming 60 x 60 cm


’We the people on the Mother Earth are here to claim our innate innocence, which is our birthright to live.

We from the temple of the Mother Earth are here to protect and inspire, to let our inspiration flow from our innocent nature. We re-member and re-unite to live our divine purpose in wisdom. We follow our spark and what inspires us to blossom. We are Earths army the warriors of love and light. 

We stand for our colors, We stand for healing, we stand for love, we stand for nature, we stand for health, we stand for the children, we stand for each other.

In a whirlwind of stimulation we remember to ground ourselves in the beauty that is always present. To retreat in humble gratitude to life.

Here lays the key to happiness. 

By painting my prayer to our innate innocence, I offer my innocence to the world, I am innocent,  I am sovereign, I am blossoming.’’



High resolution canvas print Blossoming 60 x 60 cm

the canvas print comes in a roll with the stretcher bars added to the package

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Weight 2 kg
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