Goddess of Fertility

“Goddess of Fertility”

Category: Muses of Life

75 x 100 cm Acrylics and Oils on canvas

Soul portrait of Lynne Rey , My beloved Sister from New York with whom I studied at the Vienna academy of Visionary art. This painting is for my project ‘Muses of Life’ an oracle deck with portraits of people that I personally know who follow their souls mission.

Lynne is the true embodiment of one of the goddesses alive nowadays. She is one of the most authentic and Unique woman I know. She isn’t shy of her body and Menstrual cycle. Her expression goes trough dance, theater, performing arts, painting, and singing. As well as her close communion towards mother Nature, where she spends most of her time, talking to the plants, cats and birds. For her all life is so beautiful and worthy of appreciation.


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