Calling for Prayer

“Calling for Prayer”

Category: Muses of Life

Acrylics on canvas 60 x 110 cm

75% of the profit of this artwork goes towards planting trees.
Original and prints are available, please email me if interested

The impermanence of elements
A Waterfall of inspiration
She is flowing trough Observation
Nature, She Is The Real YOU
The impermanence of elements
Reflecting life’s essence
Strong Roots are growing, flowing trough our veins of light
Give up the fight and Child of the earth Realize that, what you are
Earth’s growing source of all life, providing us with her overflow, abundance
Mother earth I am calling upon your help and guidance
Let us dance upon your skin
Let us realize that trees are our ancestors
Let us realize to live in respect-full ways
Agua viva, Crystalline waters
Continuous movement of Water streaming
Her transparency revealing
See the tides turning, opposite Directions
Reflections Of the inner journey
In the eye of the storm
I fill my breathing longs with clear air
Breath is medicine
the wind will take my thoughts away
I will fly with you in grace
Receive the blessing of grandfather fire
burning what no longer needs to be
The ancient Spirit is helping us realize to be free
Release the veil and help me see
to see what no longer needs to be
Burn away attachment and confusion
Flames of passion
reflection of our inner strength

Fires burning all around
Living sources of human necessities, destroyed by human kind
I trust in earth with her ancient knowing
Restoring balance in my panicked wonder
Mother earth, healing source of human medicines
The ground we walk upon we treasure, veins of crystalline water we treasure,
Filling our longs with clear air we treasure, the warmth of fire we treasure,
I pray the elements will restore in balance
ancient forests, clean water, clean air and less fire
Earth my body
Water my blood
Air my breath
Fire my spirit
A Waterfall of inspiration
She is flowing trough Observation
Nature, She Is The Real YOU
Child of the earth is that what you are
Blessed be

September 2019

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