Around the world in 80 paintings

24 November 2014/Travel

‘Around the world in 80 paintings’ is there for spreading art worldwide, by making (mural-) paintings at public spaces. This in exchange for about a months’ room and board. A beautiful painting in return for living. My mission is to create art and with that to propagate colours and harmony in the world. My motto for this is “Go out into the world and be the change. Turn yourself into a butterfly and fly into the world.”

The purpose is to support the world with expression; by painting, making music and dancing, and to contribute to a healing of the world. I want to remind everybody to the importance of following your ambitions, to observe the beauty of every individual, the magnitude of love and the everybody’s’ capabilities to change the world by his or her own contribution. With this project I intend to reinstate barter trade. Another component of this project is to paint with local children in an orphanage or school. By doing this I want to stimulate their self-expression. My private ambition is to improve in my art and to interact with a worldwide audience.

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